Virtual Reality Storytelling Experience

At some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted to play a special character, whether it’s a super hero or even a knight defending the kingdom from a fire-breathing dragon!

Well, roll up your sleeves because we’re diving into virtual reality to do just that. In this course, you will become a character you’ve always wanted to be, creating your costume and props with basic building materials like paint and cardboard.

Then it gets really interesting... we make a short film. And not just any film—a Virtual Reality film. Using a special spherical virtual reality camera, you will become the star of your own 360-degree tour-de-force! The best part is: at the end of the class, we’ll upload your masterpiece online to share with friends and family instantly.

Create anything that you can imagine as you learn the basics of Virtual Reality filmmaking along the way.

All you need to bring is your smart phone and your brain—we’ll provide everything else, including your very own Virtual Reality goggles to take home! This course is perfect for groups of friends, couples, and co-workers. Or come alone! We also encourage you to bring along a nice bottle of wine to “spark” your creativity.

Watch samples of our 360 VR movies here

Join us and experience a new form of Productive Fun™!