Group Art Classes near Union Square, NYC

Creating art is a natural human instinct that most of us take for granted. The misperception that you must be an artist to make art has kept many of us from this amazing expressive process. With our experimental group art classes, we make it easy and fun to learn and expand your undeveloped artistic talent.

Our activities vary from BYOB painting classes to experimental, one-of-a-kind art classes to therapeutic interdisciplinary workshops that allow our participants to fully explore and unleash their creativity.

Join us for a truly unique creative experience!




Join us for a wonderful creative night out! Bring a bottle of wine and your creativity. This is not your typical art and wine class, we incorporate paint, music and meditative exercises to help unleash your creativity!  Leave all your stress behind, you are entering a judgemental-free, friendly, fun and humble environment. Come alone, bring your spouse, your date or friends.

Our instructor will guide you through the process of creating a masterpiece! You will be amazed with the results! You do not need to be an artist. All supplies and materials are included. Just bring your favorite bottle of wine and we’ll do the rest! This class is perfect for Private Parties and Date Night.

This class is taught by Tavia Sanza

Expressive drawing
an introduction to the art of drawinG.
6-class Session

Drawing is a form of poetry, a dance, a language, an attitude and it gives you renewed vision. It allows you to instantly translate thought into a visual form.

In our Expressive Drawing course, we introduce you to several types of drawing: artistic, expressive, spontaneous, observational, “blind contour”, volumetric, gestural using as themes objects, portraits, landscapes and the human body. The basic elements: line, shape, form, volume, texture, light and dark are introduced as ingredients for creative experimentation, where doing and erasing, creating positive and negative shapes, allowing contrast and repetition come together resulting in a dynamic flux of energies. The course examines the relationship between technique and image, the language of materials, and drawing as an end product.

The focus is on the experience, the very act of drawing. The resulting work is a by-product.

We provide all of the materials and supplies that you would need. Just sign up, show up, and draw up!

This class is taught by Maria Pacca

Brushless Watercolor.
An introduction to the basics with Fun Experimentations.
6-class session

“Watercolor is fun and easy!”

This course presents watercolor as the playful, versatile, transformative, exciting medium by introducing its practice with more freedom. In this course, the student will get acquainted with the basics but also, delve into experimental techniques that are more freeing such as spraying, splashing, spattering, stamping, etc, which along with several additives, like salt, paraffin, alcohol, result in works that are full of spontaneity as well as control. Many times, the use of brushes is incidental. The resulting fun is not!

Open to students with varying levels of expertise, this course will look at choosing papers, brushes and pigments, as well as the many traditional ways to apply paint, create textures, glazes, and manage positive and negative space.

Encompassing the effective use of line, form, color, rhythm, it will aim at developing sensibilities within figurative and abstract ways of rendering any subject. All materials and supplies will be provided. Come join us for a nonwatered-down creative journey using watercolor.

This class is taught by Maria Pacca.


Getting to Unarthodox from Union Square is easy!


Fun Facts About Union Square:

1. Union Square is home to the first American equestrian sculpture cast in bronze, of U.S. President George Washington. The statue was unveiled in 1856.

2. Once a burial ground, Union Square Park has served as home base for countless community events, from the first Labor Day parade in 1882, to workers' rallies in the 1930s to the first Earth Day in 1970.

3. The area's most prominent work of public art is the Metronome and Countdown Clock that looks out over 14th Street. Officially named The Passage, it was installed in 1999 by artists Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel.