explore your sense of touch

Touch is the first sense to develop when we are born. Yet most of our life is experienced through sight. During this unique experience, we will take you back to the very beginning. Explore your sense of touch by sculpturing...without sight.

You will receive an introduction to basic clay handling. Then you will sculpt...blindfolded! Using only your sense of touch and memory, you will guide yourself through an amazing immersive, sculpting experience. Surrounding music and aroma therapy will add to the immersive environment. 

This session is not about the finished sculpture, but the process of feeling your way through a mental image. No sculpture experience necessary. Just your willingness to express yourself through touch. At the end, you will gain an unforgettable experience. We will provide you with plenty of photos of you and your sculpture during and after the process. Sculptures are a tool in the process of exploring your sense of touch and are not intended to be taken home.

Bring your own bottle of wine, friends, spouses, co-workers and enjoy the experience. Perfect for corporate outings and private parties

All participants must be 18 years of age or older.

Price: $65 per person