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It all started when…

our costumers kept coming back to us. We were so appreciative of their business that we decided to award them and acknowledge their loyalty.

That’s when “La Familia” was born. Our philosophy is simple, you take care of us, and we’ll take care of you, so once you’re in, you’re family.

All you have to do to become family is book three private group events and start receiving all of the benefits there after. But you have to sign up! It’s Free!

Submit the adoption form below and start your way to becoming an exclusive member of La Familia.


Family Benefits

We’ve got your back

Receive a 10% off on all future private group events.

Up to 15% off on all space rentals.

Receive up to 10% on all catering and beverage packages.

Free Stuff

Two comped admission tickets to any of our public experiences. ($130 value)

One beverage package for up to 12 of your colleagues after booking 5 private group events. ($300 value)

Extended video and photo packages.

Free 2 hours space rental. ($480 value)

Free admission to all exclusive Unarthodox events.

favorite cousin treatment

Date reservation without deposit.

Designated account manager

Company Portal - See all your past and upcoming events

These benefits are only the beginning. As the program develops, your benefits will develop as well. Sign up now, La Familia awaits you.

Adoption Form

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