Kids just want to have fun! And what better way to have fun than being able to create your own expressive art masterpiece, while surrounded by your best friends!! We designed our parties to be enjoyable and memorable! We have a plethora of party plans that will surely accommodate any young mind. Best of all, we take care of everything, and you just relax. We custom design every party to your needs down to every request. Need food and drinks? No problem. Want to have specific music? No problem. Want the president of the United States to attend? Well, perhaps we can’t accommodate every request but we’ll try!

Every party guest will be able to take home their own work of art and incredible experience. Our parties don’t just include art, but storytelling, book making, theatrical performances and many other disciplines of expression.

Since our parties are fully customized, please contact us to create and plan your child’s experience.  

Please fill out the INQUIRY FORM  or call us at 646-688-2851.