Improv Your Day

  • Unarthodox 547 West 27th Street, Suite 300 New York, NY, 10001 United States

Playing is our most important connection to the beautiful days of childhood. It is also the first thing we forget when we step into adulthood. This is a simple and fun improvisation class which will brighten up your day by putting you back into the playful mood of childhood and look at your day or any moment in your life you choose from a different perspective. Sometimes the stress you feel about one thing or another could be released if you change the perspective you look at it.

You will receive an introduction to improvisation, play some fun games, then choose the moment you want to work on (a stressful moment of the day or in your life). You will create a short storyline of the event and choose who would you like to be in the scene from the other participants in class. They will improvise the situation you gave them. You will get to look at the event and see how it looks from the outside.  

Bring your own bottle if you wish, friends, co-workers, family and let's have fun!