Feed the Mind...

Remember the days when your company gifted you a gold watch for your 15 years of service?

Probably not. The truth is that if you were born after 1984, you've never heard of the concept. At some point between then and ten years ago, simply providing you with employment, was considered a gift. But that has changed.

Companies have now started to gift employees. Not with fancy watches or plaques, but with experiences. In fact, you don’t even have to achieve anything to get them. It’s like a participation trophy of sorts. You simply have to work there to be treated to these experiences. It can be a cooking class, an escape the room or a fabulous immersive hands-on experience at Unarthodox.

Experiences last forever and make people happy. And there’s nothing better than happy colleagues. Unlike materialistic things where they only make you happy a first, experiences last much longer. Even if you have a bad experience, it will eventually turn out to be positive. For starters, you would have learned something from it. Additionally, any bad experience usually turns out to be a good story that you tell over time.

Many companies, especially in Tech, have embraced this theory and have recurrent outings with their teams to keep everyone refreshed and happy. They understand that millennials, particularly, choose to spend their money on experiences rather than things. Instead of spending money on a fancy car, they prefer spending it on a Guatemalan hiking adventure. Furthermore, possessions don’t contribute to employee interaction. Having experiences with others constitutes a tighter bond, making for a better, functional and productive team.

An amazing team celebrating their money well spent at Unarthodox’s Picture This Experience.

An amazing team celebrating their money well spent at Unarthodox’s Picture This Experience.