Bonding With Your Team This Holiday Season!

Team bonding doesn’t have to be a snoozer. That’s actually the opposite of what Unarthodox has in mind for its guests. We are all about creating an immersive, engaging experience that gets every person in the room into their bodies and lifting each other up!

“A ground breaking team building exercise” as stated by the New York Post.

Forbes’ Brian Scudamore contributes, “Despite its reputation for being, well, lame, team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. It builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration.Effective team building means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture and boosting the bottom line.”


Our experiences range from interpersonal and mindful to loud and interactive! From Sculpture Without Sight to Picture This, a game of Pictionary, Charades, and Wheel of Fortune rolled into one. These expose what your colleagues have been holding back and pull the new guy out of his shell!

Every experience creates a sense of bonding and togetherness that can be utilized in the office long after your boss’ planned outing. Remember, NYC has some of the most eccentric people and places to visit in the entire world. Why don’t you add this unique wonder to your bucket list?

Get together and interact in meaningful ways.

Only at Unarthodox:


We like to bond too! This month Unarthodox’s Team is going Hiking upstate… because what better time to be festive?!