Unarthodox is a place for teams to embrace their creative side in a fun and unprecedented way.

“My inspiration for starting Unarthodox? I needed a place, a platform if you will, that gave me the flexibility, essentially to just create,” explains Alvaro Montagna co-founder of Unarthodox. Alvaro has created a company that delivers unique and immersive activities in Chelsea, New York City.

Unarthodox specializes in creative corporate team events, private celebrations, as well as one-of-a-kind experiences for the general public. Each experience allows for participants to embrace their creative side in a fun and unprecedented way.

“With workplace collaboration considered more important than ever, it’s becoming abundantly clear that yesterday’s team-building activities, such as trust falls, Pictionary and karaoke-filled happy hours aren’t cutting it,” explains The New York Post.

The Post highlighted Unarthodox as a company that is upgrading from the classic team-building activities in New York City. Companies like HBO, Google, Facebook, Twitter, American Express, and Bank of America have all come through Unarthodox’s doors. These companies trust Unarthodox to provide an exceptional, enjoyable, and professional team bonding experience.


Unarthodox is a creative space that offers many different types of experiences. These include Sculpture Without Sight, Intuitive Art, Paint and Sip, Picture This, Improv Land, Collage Ventures, and the Virtual Reality Storytelling Experience. Each relies on different mediums like clay, paint, improvisation, and filmmaking to let participants’ creativity shine through. Participants can even enjoy each event with their favorite bottle of wine and on-site catering.

Unarthodox prides itself on allowing creativity to flourish without hindering on preconceived rules and conventions. Alvaro says participants, “Are capable of producing anything they want without having the critique of someone saying ‘Hey, that’s not the way it’s supposed to be, because you’re supposed to do it this way."

If you’re looking for a creative space for coworkers, friends, or family, to have a great time while flexing their creative muscle, then the only place to go is Unarthodox.