Meet the awesomest TEAM in the history of awesome TEAMS!

J.W. Crump


J. W. Crump is a Comedian, Writer, Director, Producer, and Soda Pop Enthusiast.

He currently appears every Monday evening as part of Super Free Mondays at the Peoples Improv Theater with his house team Night Shift. In addition, he produces and hosts Gas Station Horror, a high-energy improv assault on the worst of the worst horror movies. He also co-produces and writes for Sktch Shw, a monthly sketch show that is written and performed in just one day. You can also find him doing standup all over New York and some other cities, mostly the ones that ask him to come.

J. W. has written and directed several short films, spec TV pilots, and live sketch shows, including ones that were part of the Frozen Film Festival, the CMJ Film Festival, and Reel Fest DC.

And seriously, ask him about soda anytime. He’ll talk your ear off about Japanese Pepsi flavors.

J.W. is leading our Improv Land and Picture This. Learn more about Team Building and Group Outing activities here.

Mickey Roberts

Mickey Roberts is an actor, writer, filmmaker, and avid doodler.  
He is also a co-founder of Sound Pollination, a media production company, and dedicated platform for creatives of all kinds to spread their sound.  

After Graduating from Pace University, Mickey dove head first into our Unarthodox family.  He hosts Sculpture Without Sight, Intuitive Art, and Virtual Reality storytelling.

Sarah Wisser

Sarah Wisser is an actor, stage combatant, health & fitness enthusiast, and lover of life! 

Born and raised in Woodsy Pennsylvania, Sarah moved to NYC and graduated from Pace University in 2017 with a BFA in Acting for Film, Television, Voiceovers, and Commercials. When Sarah isn’t acting or at Unarthodox, you can probably find her talking to dogs and babies from across the subway car, or trying to discover new ways to leave less of a carbon footprint. Sarah is both Studio Manager and Marketing Manager at Unarthodox.

Monika Pasieka

Monika Pasieka was born and raised in Brooklyn. She graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in 2018 with a BA in Forensic Psychology. 

Monika has been an art enthusiast all her life. She enjoys engaging in all types of creative activities, such as drawing, painting, sculpting, crafting, baking, and even story writing. Her love for nature inspires many of her works and she is a strong believer in the therapeutic benefits of both art and nature. 

Monika is currently working on PASIEKArt. PASIEKArt aims to show the power of creativity and encourage for communal art. One of PASIEKArt's projects, #2018fluxus (inspired by the fluxus movement in the 70s), was designed to bring out the artist in everyone, and to unite the community with free interactive art.

Monika is leading Paint & Sip  experience at Unarthodox. Learn more about it here.

Alvaro Montagna

As the founder of Unarthodox, Alvaro brings a plethora of creative talent and vision. Born in Montevideo Uruguay, Alvaro has had a passion for art and photography since youth. With his education in art and advertising (BFA, Kean University), Montagna has held creative and design positions at top advertising and design agencies where he worked on prestigious accounts such as BMW, Land Rover, Nickelodeon and EA Sports.

Alvaro is an adjunct professor at Kean University teaching design, marketing and  photography. He is also an exhibiting and published mixed media artist with works being displayed across the globe. His exhibition "From The Trees" received worldwide recognition by placing in the top 10 select finalist in "Art Takes Times Square," a prestigious competition where over 35,000 artists worldwide participated. Alvaro was also recognized as an up and coming latin artist by the New York Times, where he exhibited at the Voces art exhibition.

Alvaro is leading Intuitive Art and Sculpture Without Sight experiences at Unarthodox. Learn more here.